There are ways to darken the hair naturally oil, without having to resort to using hair colours. Many oils help in darkening the hair and lending it a deep colour.

Hair is made up of protein and gets its natural pigmentation because of the presence of a pigment called melanin. It is chemically impossible to make melanin colourless. One of the main reasons why hair loses its colour is due to constant exposure to the harsh sun.

The harmful rays of the sun can bleach your hair and strip it of its melanin pigments. This causes the hair to assume a faded colour and texture. Another reason for loss of hair colour is the process of greying. But greying is not a phenomenon restricted only to the middle aged. Even youngsters have started getting affected by premature graying these days.We can try to retain the natural colour of the hair by using oils that can darken the colour of your hair. Given below are a few oils that can darken your hair with consistent and regular use.

best oil to darken hair

best oil to darken hair

Natural Healthy Oil For Darken Hair

Brahmi oil

There are many brahmi oils that are available in the market and are popular too. This is because brahmi is very effective in fighting greying. Regular use of brahmi over time darkens the hair colour too. Most preparations available off the shelf have mineral oil in them. So rather than buying a bottled product, you can make brahmi oil at home itself. All you need to do is heat up a cup of coconut oil and mix in two tsp of brahmi powder into it. Add a tsp of methi or fenugreek seeds to this oil. Allow it to boil just until the methi seeds pop. Sieve this mixture and use it regularly before washing your hair. Over time, you will notice your hair darkening and a remarkable reduction in grey hair.

Sweet Almond oil

Women looking for a lightweight oil that won’t weigh down fine strands will probably like sweet almond oil. It works well as a light sealant, whether you use it only for dry ends or as an oil rinse. Multi-purpose claim: Dab a little on chapped lips or skin for relief, as well as a healthy fat for cooking.

Curry leaves oil

While eating curry leaves is good for the health, applying it on the hair is great for the hair too! Simply roughly cut up some curry leaves and dry them in the sun. Soak these leaves in some coconut oil. Let the juices from the curry leaves get incorporated into the coconut oil for a couple of days. Strain and use it in place of your regular hair oil. Within a few months of use, you can see a noticeable change in both volume and pigmentation of the hair.

Darken Hair

Darken Hair

Amla oil

Amla being rich in Vitamin C is extensively used to promote hair growth and darker hair. You can make the oil at home by simply chopping one amla and adding to it a cup of coconut oil. Let it sit for a couple of days. Strain this mixture.Use this after shampooing your hair, in place of your conditioner. Lightly oil massage it into your damp hair. Do not use too much of the product. Let it remain on the hair for about fifteen minutes. Rinse it with lukewarm water. Repeated usage is said to help hair growth, retard greying and make the hair darker.

Sage oil

A concentrated concoction of sage can be used to rinse hair. It will darken your hair color and will also ward off any hair loss. It also drains out impurities from your scalp and can be used with other herbs to treat scalp troubles like dandruff and psoriasis etc.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the best oils that can be used to combat almost all hair problems. It is also an oil that darkens your hair. Castor oil is excellent for protecting your hair from all the factors that would adversely damage it. It can be used to protect your hair from sun damage and loss of colour. If you regularly treat your hair with castor oil, it will cause your hair to darken. It also causes new hair to grow which will be of a darker shade.