Regular use of Sesame oil, as a part of your hair care routine will ensure that you reap all its benefits for years to come.

Sesame oil is nothing less than a magical potion which works great with making our body look better. Be it the skin or hair, sesame oil has numerous advantages for all. Sesame oil is extracted from dried sesame seeds, generally of black sesame seeds. The oil is then used for cooking and beauty purpose. Many cosmetics and lotions are made from sesame seeds.

Sesame Oil for Your Hair:

Benefits Of Sesame Oil For Hair

Benefits Of Sesame Oil For Hair

This highly nourishing hair oil has immense healing properties. Its use has been extensively mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic text for over thousands of years. Listed below are some of the benefits of sesame oil for hair care.

Treats Premature Greying

If you want to improve the color of your hair i.e. if you want it to look darker, you need to massage your hair with sesame oil daily. It also helps prevent and treat premature greying due to its darkening qualities. This is one of the foremost sesame oil benefits for hair.

Helps Remove Dandruff

For hair to grow, the first thing required is a healthy scalp. The most common hair problem that can cause lack in hair growth is dandruff. Sesame oil is an excellent solution for dandruff related problems and can help in washing away the dandruff in just a wash or so.

Promotes Hair Growth

Sesame oil increases the scalp circulation as it has a high penetration ability, thereby promoting hair growth. Even when your hair has been damaged badly with chemicals, sesame oil can help you regain the hair health due to its high penetrating power. This is why sesame oil for hair growth is so widely popular.

Soothes Hair

Sesame oil provides soothing and tranquilizing properties. Harsh heat can be damaging to the hair follicles. Sesame oil acts as a coolant, working from within and nourishing the scalp in and out. Sesame oil locks the moisture within, thus preventing dryness.

Rejuvenates scalp

Black sesame seeds oil benefits for hair growth because it helps in rejuvenating the scalp. It improves the circulation of scalp, increases growth of hair follicles and treats split ends.

beauty benefits of sesame oil

beauty benefits of sesame oil

Hair Damage Saviour

Sesame oil benefits for hair growth as it helps in treating damaged hair. The oil works on dry, rough and frizzy hair and improves the quality of the hair. The improvement in hair texture and strength helps in hair growth.

Natural Moisturizer

Sesame seed oil has nourishing properties and can be used with a moisturizer for nourishing hair. A hair pack of sesame seed oil along with any moisturizer can make hair soft instantly. You must use the mixture overnight at least once a week for great results.