Kalonji is an ayurvedic herb, producing blue flowers and black seeds, which are helpful in extracting Kalonji oil. Here is the list of diseases where Kalonji oil play a pivotal role in their management and treatment.

Kalonji oil is regarded as a miracle cure for number of health ailments in human beings. It is processed from the small nutritious black seeds derived from annual herbaceous plant called Nigella sativa and for this reason is sometimes also called the Black Seed Oil. The oil is a yellowish to dark amber liquid containing number of essential nutrients or components that help in betterment of health of an individual.

Importance of Kalonji Oil

Health Benefits Of Kalonji Oil

Health Benefits Of Kalonji Oil

There are very few ayurvedic herbs which are as important as Kalonji black cumin oil. The black seeds of Kalonji have more than 100 medicinal components. Medically, Kalonji is used as antiseptic and beneficial for many diseases like blood sugar, blood pressure and body weight. Since, it helps to cure many diseases and disorders and helps in developing the resistance of the body, therefore, Nigella seeds are termed as excellent healer. Kalonji therapeutic aspects first came into lime light when Prophet Muhammad (Sallallhu Alaiyhi Wassallam) narrated its therapeutic benefits and its in-depth potential of diseases curability.

Kalonji Oil Treatment for Diseases

Kalonji oil in combination with other ayurvedic herbs is useful in the treatment of many diseases. Here is the list of diseases where Kalonji play a pivotal role in their management and treatment. The different diseases for which Kalonji are beneficial: Hypertension, Diabetes, Cough, Asthma, Heart Attack, Cancer, Ladies Diseases, Skin Diseases, Headache, Backache, Toothache, Stomach Pain, Allergy, Polio, Paralysis, Arthritis, Eye Diseases, Memory Power, Kidney Pain, Blood Pressure, Piles, Hair Loss, Skin Diseases, Constipation, Stomach Worms, Jaundice, Dandruff, Psoriasis, Burning Sensation, Obesity, etc.

Relieve Headache

Headache is a common problem that is faced by all of us and we usually take a painkiller in order to deal with it. But nigella seed oil or Kalonji oil is an amazing natural remedy for headache that provides quick and effective results, and the best thing is it can be used both for topical application and taken orally.

Asthma Treatment

For the treatment of asthma and respiratory problems, it is suggested to take the mix of warm water (1 cup), honey (1 tsp) and Kalonji oil (½ tsp). Take this mixture in the morning as well as in the evening to cure from the above said problems. The above said ingredients are also beneficial in the treatment of cough and allergy.

Prevention of Cancer

In recent times, cancer has emerged as the biggest killer of modern times wreak havoc humanity. One of the biggest benefits of Kalonji oil is its capacity for cancer prevention. Kalonji oil is very effective for the prevention of blood cancer or leukemia, cancer of the throat and colon cancer.

Healthy Kidney Function

One of the functional usage Kalonji oil and Kalonji seeds are improving the health of the kidneys. Kidneys are the most important organs of the body that help to purify the blood. But kidney stones and infections of the kidneys can take a toll on health. Kidney disorders and kidney stones can be cured with the use of Kalonji oil.

Improving Skin Health

Homemade treatment for acne, pimples and boils incomplete without the inclusion of Kalonji oil in the list. Kalonji oil used to face a lot. It fights acne and the bacteria that cause acne and give your skin clean, clear, smooth and radiant naturally.

Kalonji oil prevents hair loss

Kalonji oil prevents hair loss

Prevents Hair Loss

Massage your head with lime juice and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it with herbal shampoo. Now, Use Kalonji oil when the hair gets dry. Continue it for 15 days to get positive results in prevention of hair fall. Make a paste of Kalonji oil (10 gms), olive oil (30 gms) and Mehendi powder(30 gms) after heating. Make it cool and apply the paste on the scalp for once in week. The problem of baldness can also be solved if a paste of Kalonji oil (10 gms), olive oil (30gms) and Mehendi powder (30 gms) are prepared and used over the head.

Memory Increase

Memory power can be increased with the help of Kalonji oil. It is suggested that to Increase brain power and concentration, one has to take mint leaves (10 grams), boil it with water followed by adding ½ tsp of Kalonji oil. Take the mixture for 20-25 days for twice a day to get positive results.