Castor oil is an extract obtained from the seeds of the plant known as Ricinus Communis. Read this article for a better understanding of the castor oil health benefits.

Castor oil is made from the seeds of the castor bean and is typically used as a laxative. With high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids, castor oil has potential to do magic with your skin, hair, and even inner organs. Commonly used by Ayurvedic practitioners and naturopaths for therapeutic and medicinal purpose, castor oil is also widely in textile industry, cosmetics, medicines and massage oils. Ironically,the castor plant which is known for its numerous health benefits is also the source of one of the deadliest toxins on earth. Though the oil is not toxic and the entire deadly portion is left behind in the pulp of the seeds.

Castor oil finds its place in a lot of home remedies. It used widely for the treatment of a lot of ailments. Here is a list of how helpful castor oil is for various problems:

Castor Oil Health Benefits:

castor oil for health benefits

castor oil for health benefits

Treat Joint Pain

Castor oil is a triglyceride and 90% of the oil comprises of ricinoleic acid that is anti-inflammatory in nature. Due to this nature, the oil is helpful in reducing the swelling and inflammation of tissues and joints. Consuming just 2 spoons of castor oil in one glass of water provides relief to patients suffering from severe cases of rheumatoid arthritis. You can also apply the oil on the affected area. For relief from back and abdominal pain, castor oil packs are useful. It also provides relief to those who suffer from menstrual cramps.

Healthy Skin

Applying castor oil on the skin keeps it well hydrated and away from infections. It is a good Remedy for acne. Dryness of the legs and hands can also be set right by applying castor oil. It is used to reduce post delivery stretch marks. It can also keep wrinkles at bay. It can also heal cuts and wounds.


Intake of castor oil for weight loss can aid you in detoxifying your body, to help it stay healthy and safe from problems. Once ingested in the digestive region, the oil works towards stimulating the organs in removal of wastes.

Hair Health

Castor oil has fatty acids and vitamin E that helps hair growth. Castor oil is known to stimulate growth of hair when applied on the scalp as it improves the circulation of blood and keeps the scalp free of bacterial/fungal infections and dandruff. Castor oil nourishes the hair roots. Usage of this oil lessens hair loss and reduces split ends. You have to mix the castor oil with another carrier oil (any oil good for the hair) when you want to apply on the scalp. The viscosity of the oil is such that it is difficult to wash it away from the hair :P. Add a little bit of castor oil to the carrier oil. Castor oil can even be applied on the eyebrows to thicken eyebrow hair.

Reduces Blockages

Blockages such as lymph and abnormal masses can be treated by applying this oil on the affected area. The oil works its way to reduce the blockages and prevent weight gain through water retention. It also moisturizes the skin and stimulates warmth.

Castor Oil for Hair

Castor Oil for Hair


Castor oil is anti-allergic in nature and this helps in doing away with allergies related to skin and naso-pharyngeal area. On an empty stomach, five drops of castor oil taken in morning in a little juice or water helps solve the problem.

Increase Immunity

Castor oil also enhances the immunity of the body by elevating the count of the T 11 cells in the body along with the lymphocytes which lead to enhanced immunity to ward off common body problems on its own as the body’s internal defense mechanism gets strengthened.