Oils have always been important for black hair care and growth. Given below are a few oils that can darken your hair with consistent and regular use.

At least 70 percent of the Indian women have naturally dark black hair. That is why black hair is considered the most common hair colour in this part of the world. Although it is common, black hair is an epitome of female beauty. A typical oriental beauty should always have naturally black hair and dark eyes.

People with lighter hair colours actually want to darken their hair. Partial brown hair is a sign of discoloration. If your hair is naturally black and suddenly lightens, then it means that your hair is undernourished by oil or it is sun damage. But don’t worry. In the collective wisdom of ages, there are many home remedies to get black hair. These home remedies for black hair typically include natural hair oils. Massaging with these oils darkens your hair naturally.

Natural Oils for Darken Hair:

Darken Hair

Darken Hair

Castor oil

Remember your grandma asking you to apply Castor oil on your hair? It may be smelly and gooey, but it is one of the best oils for the hair. Why just the scalp, castor oil is also used on the eyelashes since it promotes hair growth. Regularly massaging your hair with castor oil can reverse sun damage and also cause regrowth of new hair. It is best if you can massage it on your scalp and leave it overnight. Use a shower cap while sleeping and wash it off the following morning. Do this 2-3 times a week. Use for a couple of months to get darker and healthier hair.

Amla oil

Amla being rich in Vitamin C is extensively used to promote hair growth and darker hair. You can make the oil at home by simply chopping one amla and adding to it a cup of coconut oil. Let it sit for a couple of days. Strain this mixture.

Use this after shampooing your hair, in place of your conditioner. Lightly massage it into your damp hair. Do not use too much of the product. Let it remain on the hair for about fifteen minutes. Rinse it with lukewarm water. Repeated usage is said to help hair growth, retard greying and make the hair darker.

Hibiscus Oil

Regular use of hibiscus oil on hair is the reason most Indian women have gorgeously black, flowing hair. Hibiscus oil is one of the best oil that darkens hair. The main reason why people use hibiscus oil is to darken their hair. When your hair becomes a brownish or reddish colour due to prolonged exposure to the sun, use hibiscus oil to regain the lustrous black shade of your hair.

Henna and Coconut Oil

Henna when used with coconut oil is an excellent way to darken your hair. You can boil henna leaves and strain the water out. Mix this with coconut oil and store in a cool location. Regular application of this oil will darken the colour of your hair, although your hair will acquire a reddish hue. Coconut oil is also good for darkening the colour of your hair and making it lustrous and healthy.

Best Oils To Darken Hair

Best Oils To Darken Hair

Curry leaves oil

While eating curry leaves is good for the health, applying it on the hair is great for the hair too! Simply roughly cut up some curry leaves and dry them in the sun. Soak these leaves in some coconut oil. Let the juices from the curry leaves get incorporated into the coconut oil for a couple of days. Strain and use it in place of your regular hair oil. Within a few months of use, you can see a noticeable change in both volume and pigmentation of the hair.

Mustard Oil

Since mustard oil is loaded with vitamins and minerals, it gives intensive nourishment to the hair and aids in hair growth. It also keeps the hair healthy and protected. But mustard oil is also used to darken the colour of the hair. Regular use of mustard oil leaves you with thicker, stronger and darker hair.